Direct dye, also called Substantive Dye, any of a class of coloured, water-soluble compounds that have an affinity for fibre and are taken up directly, such as the benzidine derivatives. Direct dyes are usually cheap and easily applied, and they can yield bright colours. Washfastness is poor but may be improved by aftertreatment. Most packaged dyes sold for home use are direct dyes.


Direct dyes are used on cotton, paper, leather, wool, silk and nylon. They are also used as pH indicators and as biological stains. Besides, direct dyes are used in low-priced viscose or blended curtain fabrics, furnishings and carpets.

# Name Shade
1 DT. L. Yellow 3GX
2 DT. Chrisophenine GCH
3 DT. Orange BDC
4 DT. Orange GR
5 DT. Peach
6 DT. Scarlet 4BS
7 DT. Congo Red
8 DT. Swiss Pink
9 DT. Red 12B
10 DT. Bordeaux BW
11 DT. Violet BB
12 DT. Turq. Blue SBL
13 DT. Blue BC
14 DT. Blue FF
15 DT. Blue 2B / DC
16 DT. Diazo Black BT
17 DT. Blue 3R
18 DT. Copper Blue
19 DT. Peacock Blue
20 DT. P. Green 5G
21 DT. Green XBN
22 DT. Green FF
23 DT. Green SG
24 DT. Bottle Green BNS
25 DT. Olive Green BB
26 DT. Silk Olive
27 DT. Green B
28 DT. Green PLS
29 DT. Nandi Green
30 DT. Olive Green GG
31 DT. Olive URN
32 DT. Mehandi 2BD
33 DT. Minerva Khakhi
34 DT. Khakhi PC
35 DT. Khakhi GR
36 DT. M. Khakhi GS
37 DT. Dust Khakhi
38 DT. Brown GG
39 DT. Chickoo Brown
40 DT. Catachine 77
41 DT. Catachine GR
42 DT. Catachine 888
43 DT. Brown BR
44 DT. Brown G
45 DT. Coffee
46 DT. Violet Brown
47 DT. Black Brown
48 DT. Steal Grey
49 DT. Grey SB
50 DT. Grey BS
51 DT. Black E
52 L. F. Lemon Yellow 5GLL
53 L. F. Yellow Brown 2GLL
54 L. F. Orange TGLL
55 L. F. Red 5BL
56 L. F. Blue 3RL
57 L. F. Blue GLL
58 L. F. Sky Blue FB
59 L. F. Rust Brown
60 L. F. Maroon Extra
61 L. F. Bronze Olive
62 L. F. Olive Brown
63 L. F. Coffee Brown
64 L. F. Chickoo Brown
65 L. F. Feather Grey
66 L. F. Tumbler Grey
67 L. F. Oyster Grey
68 L. F. Tortoise Grey
69 L. F. Black Brown
70 L. F. P. Green 5G
71 L. F. Peacock Blue
72 L. F. Pakistani Green
73 L. F. Military Green
74 L. F. Silvertone Grey
75 L. F. Grey 2RLN
76 L. F. Grey 2G