Quality is not an act, It is a habit. Product quality is must in every business. We only serve best quality products.


Deal with many products like ACID RED 52, ACID YELLOW 250 and SOYA METHYL EASTER. Also deal with chemicals like CNSL OIL, CARDANOL OIL and DISTILLED CNSL OIL


Packing is always a nightmare. But we always focused on product packing we packed products in proper drums, bags and chemicals in bottles.


People trust that their on time delivery is going to happen and we always deliver products on time. Becuase we are not delivering the product but we are delivering experience.


Amisons never compromise on quality and always servers customer they actually need and because of that Amisons yearly turnover ₹ 10000000.

Valuable Clients

Amisons has many valuable clients like RSWM Group, Birla Texttiles Group, SAUM Overseas Groupetc. Amisons don't want to push our ideas on to customers, we simply want to make what they want.


Services is the most important part of any business. Business takes months to find a customer and only in few seconds to lose because of poor services. Amisons always gives best services towards its customers.

The first thing you need to make clear to a client is that you aren't there to answer his wants but to answer his needs.

Amisons always focus and fulfil customer needs. Regarding to matching dyes or chemicals.

  • Understand customer requirements and finish it on time.
  • 24*7 available to answer customer requirements.
  • Serve dyes according to customer needs and also serve matching dyes according to customer services.

Dyes are synthesized in a reactor, filtered, dried, and blended with other additives to produce the final product.

Amisons has its own plant to research and produce dyes

Amisons delivers many dyes like Acid, Direct, Reactive, Solvent, Sulfur, Tinting. Amisons also sales chemicals like Anti Static Oil LV 40 NXG, Anti Static Oil 2152P, Anti Static Cotton Spray Oil, Soya Methyl Easter, Bio Diseal B 100, CNSL Oil, Cardanol Oil, Distilled CNSL Oil.

To serve best quality product always needs to test that product properly.

Amisons always checks its products quality before deliver to customer.

Amisons focus on quality of the products. Amisons has its own laboratory with advanced equipments to test dyes as well as chemicals.

If we deliver on time, but the product has defects, We have not delivered on time. For every product success packing is important part.

Amisons serves its products in perfect condition and thats why it focus on packing of products.

Amisons delivers its product in drum or bottle in case of product is in liquid form. It uses proper bags to deiliver powder form of products.

On-Time delivery of product is very important towards any business.

Amisons uses best transport services to delivers its products on time and which assure us that product will be in a same condition which delivers. Amisons also give service to export products out of india.